Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Shop Layout, In Progress

I have finally put together a plan on how I want the shop to work. A pic of the layout is below. The items that are in yellow are still in the building stage or not yet purchased, but adding them now seemed like a good thing to do. It won't be the last reorganization for me, a shop is never finished right? In the future I will be hanging a couple of clear shower curtains to enclose the turning area, in the bottom left corner, to keep the fine curlies contained. That should also allow me to use a small heater to keep things warmer during the colder months. Anyone have any ideas on how to tweak the layout to improve it?

1 comment:

  1. Best way I can see to improve the shop is to leave the car out of it. Everyone knows that cars and wood shops don't mix, especially the wife's car. You will never be able to keep the dust off of it. Every time she goes to get in it she'll fuss something awful about all that stuff you keep getting on her car. Leave the car outside where it belongs and you catch less grief.

    Doug Miller