Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photographing Your Work

For me, trying to capture the beauty of a turned piece to share with others via the WWW, thru email or a hard copy portfolio is a struggle. Many times a fantastic photograph of a piece enables an artist to get into a juried show or event. I've struggle to get that "just right" photo of my work. A few weeks ago a fantastic fellow woodturner, Neal Addy of Three Seasons Woodturnigs, provided a wonderful tutorial on how to improve your photography skills. Neal is a very accomplished woodturner and the photos of his work are outstanding. I've seen other tutorials that are good, but reference high priced photo software (i.e. Photoshop). Neal has written an easy to read and follow guide and he uses freeware to manipulate the photos. If you struggle with photographing your work or just want to improve it, check out Neal's tutorial at the link below. Thank you Neal!

Neal Addy's Photographing Your Work - A Tutorial

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