Friday, March 26, 2010

So...I've been off the crutches for a full week know. Still have the boot to wear for another week or so and then I will be looking for all my right shoes. I've been doing some cleaning in the garage preparing to get back to the lathe, maybe even this weekend.

Besides that, I  haven't done much in the shop at all. Two weeks ago I tuned up my Stanley No.7 jointer plane. I spent about 2 hrs sitting in the shop bringing my grandpa's No.7 back to life. I didn't take off all the grime/rust off the whole thing, just the parts that matter because I wanted it to keep some of it's character that grandpa had provided it. The plane hadn't been used for at least a decade, or more likely 20 years. I put some steel wool to the wooden parts and rubbed some paste wax on them to shine em up. Flattened the back of the blade, used a honing guide and sandpaper to sharpen it up (only to 800 grit so far). Then I took a brass wire brush to the japaning, sandpaper and steel wool followed by paste wax to the sides and the sole. Against my better judgement and doctor orders I stood up and put some weight on my right heel (not the whole foot) and made some curlies with it. I just had too!

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