Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shop Time To Be Limited For A Few Weeks

This past saturday night I felt something pop in my right foot while dancing in my living room. It was late, the beer was still having great affect so I limped up to bed and slept it off. The next morning I knew something more was wrong. I couldn't walk and the foot was swollen. Off to the clinic to get it examined. About an hour later, I was back at home with a big plastic boot and crutches. Just a broken bone on the pinky toe side. I thought no big deal...

On to yesterday and a visit to a podiatrist. Yes it broken and badly too! Comminuted fracture is the term I was told. Basically the break is shaped like a Y and there is a piece of bone floating in the top of the Y. The podiatrist says, "That's going to require some hardware." What that means is surgery this Thursday to insert 2-3 screws and a metal plate to put it all back together. Then it's 3-5 more weeks on crutches then a walking boot for a few more weeks.

Turning seems to be out for now, but I might finally pick up a dovetail saw and give some dovetail joints a go. Or maybe I should order a sit down Oneway or Vicmarc???


  1. That's rotten luck! But dancing for me has always seemed like a lethal sport!

    I hope it heals well and you're back at the lathe soon.

  2. Bad luck, but never mind use the time for a bit of r and r.(rest and relaxation).