Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I mounted a good sized spalted maple log to the lathe and got it round.

The shape was going well...

I was pretty much done hollowing it, just needed to scrap it smooth...It was pretty punky in the base but I though I could clean it up...then I thought, just a little thinner...then I thought OH NOOOOO!!! Then I remembered Neal Addy's sig line on WoodNet...."Never, under ANY circumstances, make the last cut."

About 3hrs work with a not so good result. Oh well, its just wood and my time...still kinda upset about it though. Nice looking spalted maple too...I guess there always another log, right.


  1. Hello Jeff...shame about the hollow; the spalting does look good. I wouldn't worry, all turners do the same thing from time to time...even when they know better! I always tell students to remember that when cutting down at the spot you parted it off, that the tool is cutting far better than they imagine...the angle is better than higher up, and the tool is set a consequence you remove more wood than you think you are.

    If you set your wall thickness at the top third and then follow that down the accidents tend to happen far less often...good luck with the next one...

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'm still learning and I will remember that with the next one!