Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Bandsaw Joins In

This past Sunday I had plans to take a short road trip with my dad to look at a bandsaw I found on craigslist. Unfortunately I got the flu saturday and called my dad to cancel. He offered to go look at it and bring it home if it looked like a good deal. My mom went along and they had fun exploring a little more of Iowa...They even carried it into the garage for me! Thanks to both of them.

It's a Rockwell Model 28-113. It's in pretty good shape and has a 1/2hp motor. I had to spend quite a bit of time on the table, but its clean and smooth now. There was also no switch so I added one and tuned up the guides and cut some wood with it last night. I need a new blade for sure, that will come this weekend as will a shopmade mobile base of some sort. While it's not the 18" I want eventually, it's a welcome addition to the shop and when it's time to upgrade, I will be able to get what I paid for it for sure...

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