Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Has Arrived!

This morning the temp was -2 and the wind chill was -27. Last night I couldn't stand the cold out in the shop so I came in after less than half an hour. The forecast shows 4-6" of snow tomorrow and then cold temps and possibly freezing rain in a few days. Why am I writing about bad weather? Well I have a problem, there are still a few Christmas gifts that I need to be finish and the weather isn't helping at all. Saturday it reached the lower 50s, but I decided to watch my beloved Kansas Jayhawks take an embarrassing loss to UMASS, then I had a birthday party to attend. Sunday morning I looked outside and the sky was blue and it looked warm. By the time I got around to go outside it was still in the 40s and looked like it would be a great day....within 45 minutes the temp had dropped 25 degrees and continued to fall and the wind began to howl...that lead to last night and this morning. Conclusion, winter has arrived in Iowa and I am still a procrastinator....and also, BRRRR!


  1. I was sure it would be a lot colder in Iowa than it is in the sunny south. We had temperatures where I am at as low as 19 degrees several weeks ago.
    I have heat in the shop so I can still turn but it is expensive to heat.We are having a warm spell at the moment with temps in the high 60s.

    Hope you get your things made in time for Christmas

  2. Hello Douglas, Not only cold, but 4" of snow on teh ground and ice and snow coming tomorrow. Should be in the mid teens tonight, so I will be out trying to finish the gifts tonight!