Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ebonized Oak w/Copper Wire

I stumbled upon Mike Kaplan's website a few weeks ago, after bookmarking it months ago. These two vases caught my eye and I wanted to give it a go with one of my own.

My version is shown below. I have lots of burr oak around and it takes vinegar/steel wool ebonizing quite nicely. This piece started out as a vase about 6 months ago, but was to long to hollow without a steady rest which I haven't bothered to make yet. A few weeks ago I cut the bottom 1/3 off and started again. It was cracking, but that along with the interior that I left rough adds to it's character making it another rustic or primitive piece as well. A small void was created when a small burl popped out as well. It's about 8" tall and 6" wide at the top with 3 coats of danish oil and buffed. I will be doing more of this style.


  1. I like doing rustic pieces myself, where you don't do all that sanding and have some fun doing rustic work. Try burning them as well then adding the wire. Keep trying new things and have fun.
    Cheers, Robbie

  2. Thanks Robbie, I enjoy trying new techniques too. No problem having fun doing this at all. Jeff

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