Monday, September 29, 2008

Lincoln Highway Art Festival - My first show!

This past Saturday morning my wife, Paige, and I heard the alarm at 4:30am. Our daughter decided to wake up at 5am and my mother in law arrived at 5:30. A quick and dark 2hrs later we were checking into my first art show in Mt. Vernon, IA. After setting up the tent and tables, Paige started cutting the fabric for the table clothes. (probably should have done this before,) As I took out my bowls and other turned items, she set up what I think was a great display. (see pics below). The show started at 9am and within 10 minutes a very nice lady stopped by and said she loved everything and would be back shortly to make some purchases. 10 minutes later she was back and bought a large bowl and a couple small ones. 30 minutes later someone bought one of my most expensive bowls. .....then lots of oohs and awes, but no sales until the last hour of the show when 2 more items sold. All told 7 pieces sold and we paid for our entry fee many times over!! It was great to have people other than friends and family compliment my work. I was nervous no one would like it...but my friends and family helped me with encouragment and "atta boys" Thanks for that! I do have to say the best part of the show was spending an entire day with my wife without any distractions and look forward to the next show in November at Sticks.

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