Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cleaning and Rearranging

Over the past couple of days and weeks I have been cleaning out the studio/garage in order to get my wife's car out of the upcoming winter weather. This is what I started with.....

I've rotated the lathe back to the east wall, it's original location, and moved plus added to the tool storage. I also added some new storage to the wall above the lathe. The salvaged cabinets along the north wall have also been rearranged to make everything more efficient. An old dirty tarp is being utilized for chip control and barrier from my wife's car once it is moved in. A few updated pictures are below.
Removing three 40 gallon trash cans of "Fine Curlies" from the floor of the shop was the most time consuming part so far. I will update more pictures once the cabinets are moved into their final spot.

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