Monday, April 22, 2013

Woodturning Demo With Trent Bosch

This past Saturday the Des Moines Woodturners group had Trent Bosch give a all day demo. I've enjoyed Trent's work before and wondered how he accomplished some of it. The demo started at 9am and with only two short breaks other than 30 mins for lunch, the day went to quickly. Trent is a great teacher, explains things in great detail in ways anyone can understand and enjoys doing so as well.

He turned his "Vessel of Illusion" first. I always wondered how he got the vessel inside another vessel...and it really is quite simple to do although there will be quite a bit of trial and error I'm sure. He first turns a hollow form with 2 top edges.

 He then carves and sands the "petals" using air tools.

Then he turns a very thin insert out of a contrasting wood and drops it into boiling water until it drops to the bottom of the pan. He then quickly bends the insert and gets it into the hollow form. Gets the insert where he wants it, blows a balloon up inside the vessel to hold the insert in place and form itself to the interior of the hollow form. After it all drys, he glues it in place with epoxy.

Then he turned and showed us how he carves a platter, again with air tools.  

Finally he turned a large bowl I didn't get any pics of that he used to show several ways he embellishes his work (carving, painting, adding patina, etc.) All in all a great day to spend with my dad and other fellow woodturners. I would highly recommend attending a demo or class with Trent. He also of course makes lots of tools  in his machine shop (I dont' own any, but did handle them at the demo and they are top notch!)and sells videos as well. If you wnat to learn more about Trent, check out his website.

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