Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Large Spalted Maple Side Tables

This week I completed a couple of big thick tables out of some large maple logs I acquired last fall. The logs came from a tree that had been dead for quite awhile and after being cut down the logs were just left along the road. It took some heavy lifting, but I got them home and got the general shape I wanted with a chainsaw.

After LOTS of power and hand sanding, I put a coat of oil all over them, signed it and drilled the holes for the steal legs. After more sanding and several more coats of oil they are done! The client/friend asked for them to be tall and they are at 32" and 28". The widths are about 11" X 12" squarish. I'm delivering them after the everyday job is over tonight. Will try and get some pics of the installed and share later.

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