Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Shop Goes Green

No I'm not putting in a solar panel or geothermal heat....

My dad retired this summer and had been yearning for a new lathe to enjoy in his retirement and a few weeks ago it arrived, 1.5HP Jet 1642. Beautiful machine that purrs along while you slice thru wood. He had asked me if I was interested in his now retired lathe, a Grizzly 0632.
At first I didn't think I wanted it because I didn't think I could find room for it. Then I decided I could make room. This past week the room was made and my shop went green. My plan is to use it to make more delicate pieces as the 'ol Maytag is not as precise as it once was. In the near future, I will be redoing the headstock on it. Lots of ideas on how to do it, just need to figure out how to put them into motion.

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