Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Show -- Wandering Gallery Auctions

Wandering Gallery Auctions is a new venture that my wife's sister and my BIL, who own a high end furnishing and design store The Mansion, and a couple that owns Moberg Gallery are undertaking together. I'm very excited to have my work, displayed for an entire month. The venue is an old car dealership in downtown Des Moines that a design firm has remodeled to house there offices and includes a large area for just such a purpose. The way the auction works is a pretty cool concept, I think, (see the link to the website above to learn more) If this goes well they will have more in the future. The opening is June 20th and it closes July 25th.

I have quite a few pieces that are ready, but will need to finish many that are in the works, some only in my head, very soon...I will update with pics of the opening after it happens.

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