Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Projects

I haven't started the lathe since Dec. 23rd. Quite a long time for me, but I've needed to sort out my space in the garage/shop for a long time and the past few weeks I've made quite a bit of headway. I've rearranged some things, rebuilt a wall bench, thrown a lot out and recycled quite a bit too.

This past weekend I finished a mobile cart for my table saw and router. Granted I don't do much flat work, but when I do now it will be easier. As an added bonus, I've saved some room as well combining the two tools and it can also be used for a assembly/finishing table with a cardboard cover on top. It's a crude setup, but just enough for me. By using the router table fence I can now rip up to 20" on the TS, about a 9" advantage from before. Total cost was $0 as I used scrap I had laying around and the drawers along the bottom were a gift from a friends basement. Soon to be finished is my miter saw station, cabinets and shelves.....then back to our regular spinning schedule.

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