Friday, December 19, 2008

Walnut Cigar Ashtray

I saw this thread by Bill Wyko, a very accomplished segmented turner, over on SMC about a month ago and decided it would be a great project for a Christmas gift for my BIL. He enjoys a good cigar with a drink out on the patio during the summer months. Hopefully this will keep the ash off the ground for the kids to get into. Made from a scrap bin cutoff of 5/4 walnut, it is about 7" round and 3" high. I was going to try and the slot for the cigar on the router table but after some tense moments on trials with scraps and just about not being able to count to ten with fingers, I took out my old ryobi dremel knock off and "carved it out" Finish is friction polish as that is what Bill Wyko used on his. He is a cigar smoker and said it works well. I'm going to try a few more and possibly stop by the local "high end" cigar shop to see if they would be interested in displaying them. Comments are encouraged please....

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