Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shop Time With Dad

This past weekend my family was in Kansas for turkey day at my parents. My dad and I only managed a few hours in the shop, but I was able to turn a few pieces to finish. First I got to try out his hollowing snake or elbow tool. It works fantastic and makes hollowing a breeze! We chucked up a hunk of sycamore and after about an hour came out with this. It's about 6" at the base and 6" tall as well. The walls are right at 1/4", boy does a laser guide help with consistency!

After a break we turned to bottle stoppers. My dad has made many of these recently and I see why, they are fun to do and if you get your blanks ready before hand you can get quite a few done in a short time. These are the two I turned, not sure about the one on the right, but it's growing on me. The one on the left is walnut and the one on the right is oak. (I'll be adding the pics later...the pics didn't come out very good from last night) I came home with about 5 walnut blanks and 3 or 4 I just need to order some corks or stoppers....

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