Friday, December 5, 2008


A fellow forum member, Marty Walsh, on recently completed a magnificent jewelry/lingerie cabinet. He had been teasing us all about it for over 13 months. To say it is an heirloom piece is an understatement. It doesn't have any turning on it, as far as I know, but I felt it needed a mention on my site as well. He and his wife Denise have built a wonderful shop in Georgia and they are both great people. Marty and Denise's website is

Some details about the piece are:

-The piece is 5' tall by 2' by 2'
-Rough estimate of weight is somewhere over 300 pounds
-It's built from solid Mahogany - no secondary woods
-The case sides are veneered in grain matched quarter sawn Sapelle
-The front is grain match Mottled Makore - one 5' long piece of veneer covered all drawers
-The doors and lid are Mahogany Crotch Veneer
-All drawers are dovetailed - A combination of Rabbeted Half Blind, Through, and Half Blind
-The doors are lockable without a center post via library catches top and bottom
-Please take some time to learn more about the building of "IT" by reading Birth of a Jewelry and Lingerie Armoire

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