Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Favorite Websites

When I first started this blog I made a post "Tips & Techniques". Recently I thought about updating that post to include some more up to date sites....the problem is that I don't have anything to add to the list. The same sites still have the best info for the beginner to a seasoned woodturner. I'd like to highlight a couple of them:

Darrell Feltmate has taken lots of time and energy to show everyone projects for the beginner to advanced, how to make tools, tips and techniques, maintenance and wood turning history. Thanks Darrell!

This site is loaded with tons of articles, how to's, and great deals on equipment to boot. They also have a vast list of fellow woodturner's websites from around the world.

LaymarCrafts Woodturning Richard Stapley has more tips, techniques, safety info, book reviews and nearly 4,000 links to woodturner's websites from all over.

Family still to me is the best online forum dedicated to woodworking. The group of people that contribute and use this forum are the greatest friends a turner and woodworker for that matter could ever have. There are quite a few turners that frequent the site and always help each other out with advise on how to do something, where to get the right tools or instruction and of course honest critiques of your work. Come join here

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