Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Father's Day! Cherry Score!

While on a walk last night with my wife and daughter, we were discussing what kind of plants to plant to finish of a bed we just took around a ton of crushed brick out of. Out of no where, my wife says, "Wow, look at all that free wood!" Just after that she said, "Why did I say that!" To be honest, I wouldn't have even noticed it. She is getting tired of the amount of wood I have in the garage, along with all the curlies and dust and dirt and...well you get the picture. She followed up asking me to stop grinning by saying, "Happy Father's Day!" I went back and loaded up about half of the wood. Took it back and tried out a small limb making a crude vase....yep its cherry alright and I'm going back to get the rest today! Turns like butter, very wet and still has lots of leaves on some of the limbs. Pics will be added later.

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  1. Congrats Jeff! Can't wait to see more of the wood and what you make with it. Nice Blog btw, looking forward to exploring it further. _