Monday, March 10, 2008

A suprise wood gift!

I met a couple from southern IA a few weekends ago while working a Saturday at the Woodsmith Store. They had just started woodturning making pens and pencils. They showed me some of the pens and they were quite good. I mentioned that I turn bowls, vases and other forms and they started asking questions. They mentioned they have an acreage and have a pile of crotch pieces left over from a sawmill taking down about a dozen trees on there property recently. I told them crotches have some very desirable grain patterns and turners love to find them.

This past Saturday, while working at Woodsmith, the couple stopped in again. After filling a basket with pen blanks, sandpaper and CA glue they told me they had something in the car for me. I went out and found they had brought me a 14" crotch of walnut, a couple smaller ones and another unknown wood limb about 8" round with crotches on both ends. I thanked them and invited them to come to the Des Moines Woodworking Turning group that will meet next weekend at the Woodsmith.

I started turning the unknown wood last night and it is filled with interesting worm holes and some spalting as well. I will upload some pictures later this week. Turners taking care of other turners will always lead to benefits for everyone.

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