Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Other Woodturners

These links are some of the best sites of turners from around the world. I've spent way to much time searching the web for form ideas, techniques, etc. and this list along with the tips and techiques page located here, Tips & Techniques, is what I have compiled as my favorites. Please let me know if you have a site, I would love to list it here as well.

Please right click and open sites in a new window.

Stuart Ablett
Brad Adams
Neal Addy
Nic Agar
Allen Alexopulos
Michael Allison
Peter Andres
Derek Andrews
Benoit Averly
Bob Bagley
Melissa Bishop
Jacques Blumer
Anthony Bryhan
Chris Burchard
Keith Burns
Bob Chapman
Ian Clarkson
Andy Coates
Nick Cook
Mark Cothren
Maurice Clabaugh
Brian Clifford
Jean Dominique Denis
The Daniel Collection
Dennis Elliott
David Ellsworth
Darrell Feltmate
Liam Flynn
Ernst Gamperl
Mark Gardner
Sascha Gast
Dick Gerard
Colin Gosden
Holger Graf
Robbie Graham
Bill Grumbine
Bob Hamilton
Michael Hampel
Anthony Harris
Kieran Higgens
Rob Howe
Bob James
Mike Kaplan
Ron Kent
Jim Ketron
Steve Kilb
Horst Kontak
Pat Kramer
Kunstlokall 11
Jerry Kermode
Alan Lacer
Mark Linquist
Bill Luce
Robert F. Lyon
Grant Marshall
J.D. Mathis
John McCarthy
Brian McEvoy
Vaughn McMillan
John Mitchell
Dan Moore
Stuart Mortimer
Ludwig M√ľndlein
Bill Neddow
Pascal Oudet
Ron Overholtz
Raymond Overman
Dennis Peacock
David Peebles
Chris Pytlik
Joseph Quesada
Alex Reid
Dhiraj Roschmann
Steven Russell
Jennifer Shirley
Siegfried Schreiber
Mike Scott
Terry Scott
Jack R. Slentz
Claudio Stalling
Peter Stapel
Gary Stevens
Travis Stinson
Alan Stirt
Pat Taylor
Malcolm Tibbets
Sean Troy
Ralph Tursini
Turn Two Studios
Michael Werner
Shane Whitlock
Marcel van Berkel
Mike Vickery
Lynn Yamaguchi
Paul Zerjav

Wayne Bower- My dad's website featuring his turnings and tools he has made.

KP's Bower's Gallery - A gallery of my grandfathers turnings, furniture and carvings.

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